Business/Environmental Constellations/Wild Law

July 1st/ 2nd 2011 / The Environment: Where is the right place for business?

Two day workshop for environmental lawyers, green activists, NGO’s, business people and politicians. London Bridge

Traditionally business and the interests of the environment have been in conflict.  Environmentalists despair at business practices that destroy the environment and displace people, animals and natural habitats.  Business feel they have services to deliver and scorn the hand-wringing of environmental activists who use and enjoy services delivered by the same organisations they battle.

So where is the right place for the environment and business?  How do we find a place to work together?

What new laws are needed to prevent Ecocide?

I find the whole experience deeply insightful and moving, both at the time and after, whence deeper understanding came in stages.  Environmental constellations, I am convinced, provides productive energetic input into a difficult situation.
Polly Higgins author of Eradicating Ecocide: Laws and Governace to Stop the Destruction of the Planet.

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