Wales Workshop June 4th 2011

Environmental Constellations Workshop with Zita Cox:  Fee £65

An opportunity for counsellors, psychotherapists and health practitioners to develop your awareness of the wider environmental context of your client work.

Constellations are a wonderfully versatile way of understanding our systemic connections.

This workshop will offer an experiential exploration, about our clients and ourselves, both personally and professionally.

‘I really enjoyed your facilitation of our constellations.   I felt very safe and therefore free to explore my chosen constellation and those of others.  As always, I was surprised again by the power of’ ‘standing in’ different roles and positions, and also of ‘looking in’ at others and myself.  You managed the constellations with gentle authority.  I found my perspectives change, and left with fresh energy to return to my systems differently.  I think it is an excellent method for helping counsellors, psychotherapists, and others who work in helping or caring roles, connect with the wider systems in which their clients have (or had) their being.’
Brigid Proctor, FBACP and initiator of Cascade Supervision Training.

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