Moving Constellations: Our Place in the Scheme of Things with Zita Cox and Sandra Reeve

February 4-5th, 2012 ~ Wootton Fitzpaine, West Dorset

Fee: £130.00 (£115.00 if you book before January 16)

Bookings and further information Contact or Tel: 07595024354 or Sandra Reeve +44(0)1297560511

Explore Environmental Constellations alongside Move into Life.

Environmental Constellations are a versatile tool for observing our place in nature and our relationships to other living beings.

Move into Life helps us become more aware of the relationship between movement, attitude and habit.

Both practices share an interest in systemic connections. Both seek to incorporate an inclusive and sustainable approach to life. <?php the_excerpt(); ?>

This is a rare opportunity to explore the wider environmental context of our personal or professional lives, to change perspectives and to initiate changes.

Open to counsellors, therapists and health practitioners and to anyone interested in therapeutic work of this kind. No previous experience of constellations or movement work is needed.

Moving into Life and Sandra Reeve

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