A Different Kind of Field Trip: With Zita Cox August 24th-25th Karuna

A Different Kind Of Field Trip

A Two Day Workshop Including all meals and camping £150 Contact www.karuna.org.uk – A late summer Workshop 24th-25th August 2013

This Workshop will appeal to a wide variety of participants. Perhaps you are on a personal journey of self development and self discover, or a lawyer or activist working with environmental issues, or maybe you are a biologist or wild life photographer looking for a deepening in your connection and understanding to other species or a gardener, walker or swimmer wishing to explore and question in a new way.  As biologist Alan Rayner says “Environmental Constellations are an aid to empathy and provide situational awareness, they are a different kind of field trip”.

Come to Karuna and spend two days in a beautiful place discovering new ways of being, knowing and thinking. An experiential drawing on the right hand side of the brain.

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