Friday 30 August – Monday 2 September

Tutors include: Zita Cox, Marina Benini, Caroline Frizell and Fiona Hoo

This 4 day summer course brings together Dance Therapy and Ecopsychology and includes:

Movement as a non-stylised, expressive medium
Environmental constellations through movement
Creating a community space through dance therapy
Discovering our embodied earth stories

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A Different Kind of Field Trip: With Zita Cox August 24th-25th Karuna

A Different Kind Of Field Trip

A Two Day Workshop Including all meals and camping £150 Contact

This Workshop will appeal to a wide variety of participants. Perhaps you are on a personal journey of self development and self discover, or a lawyer or activist working with environmental issues, or maybe you are a biologist or wild life photographer looking for a deepening in your connection and understanding to other species or a gardener, walker or swimmer wishing to explore and question in a new way. As biologist Alan Rayner says “Environmental Constellations are an aid to empathy and provide situational awareness, they are a different kind of field trip”.

Come to Karuna and spend two days in a beautiful place discovering new ways of being, knowing and thinking. An experiential drawing on the right hand side of the [...]

Moving Constellations: Our Place in the Scheme of Things with Zita Cox and Sandra Reeve

February 4-5th, 2012 ~ Wootton Fitzpaine, West Dorset

Fee: £130.00 (£115.00 if you book before January 16)

Bookings and further information or Telephone 07595024354 or Sandra Reeve +44 (0) 12975650511

Explore Environmental Constellations alongside Move into Life.

Environmental Constellations are a versatile tool for observing our place in nature and our relationships to other living beings.

Move into Life helps us become more aware of the relationship between movement, attitude and habit.

Both practices share an interest in systemic connections. Both seek to incorporate an inclusive and sustainable approach to life.

This is a rare opportunity to explore the wider environmental context of our personal or professional lives, to change perspectives and to initiate changes.

Open to counsellors, therapists and health practitioners and to anyone interested in therapeutic work of this kind. No previous experience of constellations or movement work is needed.
Moving into Life and Sandra Reeve [...]

Wales Workshop June 4th 2011

Environmental Constellations Workshop with Zita Cox: Fee £65

An opportunity for counsellors, psychotherapists and health practitioners to develop your awareness of the wider environmental context of your client work.

Constellations are a wonderfully versatile way of understanding our systemic connections.

This workshop will offer an experiential exploration, about our clients and ourselves, both personally and professionally.

‘I really enjoyed your facilitation of our constellations. I felt very safe and therefore free to explore my chosen constellation and those of others. As always, I was surprised again by the power of’ ‘standing in’ different roles and positions, and also of ‘looking in’ at others and myself. You managed the constellations with gentle authority. I found my perspectives change, and left with fresh energy to return to my systems differently. I think it is an excellent method for helping counsellors, psychotherapists, and others who work in helping or caring roles, connect with the wider systems in which their clients have (or had) their being.’
Brigid Proctor, FBACP and initiator of Cascade Supervision [...]

26th June 2011 Nottingham Praxis CPD

A one day workshop for Counsellors and Psychotherapists. An experiential Eco-Psychology approach to Supervision and Personal and Professional Development. Further details

Business/Environmental Constellations/Wild Law

July 1st/ 2nd 2011 / The Environment: Where is the right place for business?

Two day workshop for environmental lawyers, green activists, NGO’s, business people and politicians. London Bridge

Traditionally business and the interests of the environment have been in conflict. Environmentalists despair at business practices that destroy the environment and displace people, animals and natural habitats. Business feel they have services to deliver and scorn the hand-wringing of environmental activists who use and enjoy services delivered by the same organisations they battle.

So where is the right place for the environment and business? How do we find a place to work together?

What new laws are needed to prevent Ecocide?

• I find the whole experience deeply insightful and moving, both at the time and after, whence deeper understanding came in stages. Environmental constellations, I am convinced, provides productive energetic input into a difficult situation.
• Polly Higgins author of Eradicating Ecocide: Laws and Governace to Stop the Destruction of the [...]

Wales May 8th/9th

Llwynbwch, Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire,Wales

Set in a beautiful part of Wales this workshop is open to all who wish to apply the constellation method to personal, professional or political issues. For further details contact… or

London June 9th St James's Piccadilly

This workshop is aimed at people working in sustainability / CSR only.   Bridging the space between the deep green environmental/spiritual movement and the corporate world of business the workshops are open to  no more than 20 participants.

bookings and further information from

These workshops will  be an opportunity to increase your CSR networks, as well [...]

Thinking Outside the Box September 11/12th 2010

Bristol: September 11/12th 2010
“Thinking Outside the Box”
This event is put on by Constellations Work Training and is part of a Professional training in facilitating constellations. For further details and booking please go to or contact

Environmental Constellations workshop 2009

October 17th & 18th 2009 Llwynbwch, Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Environmental Constellations workshop open to all. This workshop will apply constellation method to issues brought by participants.