How do we use Environmental Constellations?

Environmental Constellations are an aid to empathy and understanding at all times and can be effective in any situation which is stuck.

Conflict Resolution
Environmental Constellations allow us to move away from left brain adversarial debate and discover solutions which surprise us. They take into account the experience of all stake holders.

From small scale garden and home designs to large wilderness areas and towns.

Personal Development and Eco-psychology
To understand ourselves through our relationship to the natural world and to our own particular environment.

‘A Different Kind of Field Trip’ to provide students with an experiential learning tool.

Allow scientists and others to draw upon their unconscious and embodied knowledge of the systems they research and to share that knowledge with others.

Working Systemically
Constellations can be used to understand the underlying issues or relationships in any system. For example constellations have successfully been used to work with horse whispers concerned by the behaviour of individual horses.

A creative way of exploring a case and taking instructions from Clients.

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