“Learning how to engage empathically with the Earth community as whole is essential if we are to act as responsive and responsible members of that community. My participation in environmental constellations guided by Zita Cox gave me an intriguing experience of what this might feel like. A fascinating technique for slipping past the self-imposed limits of “logical” thinking into the communion of participation.”

Cormac Cullinan author of Wild Law

“It was for me a most remarkable experience…Indeed I find the whole experience deeply insightful and moving, both at the time and after, whence deeper understanding came in stages…..  Thank you Zita for opening me up to this experience. “
Polly Higgins Evironmental Lawyer and author of Eradicating Ecocide and Earth is Our Business.

As a deep developmental exercise it still remains one of the highlights of the year. Having the members of the groups take on key figural groups that are caught up in the dilemma posed by the ecological crisis that faces us gave way to completely unpredictable configurations, responses and allowed new possibility to emerge. For me the memory of my experience lingers on and gives me great hope for navigating the way ahead.

Nicolas Ceasar – Head of the Sustainability Practice at Ashridge Consulting

“I was in my first environmental constellation workshop and was chosen to represent the Rainforest …a year later, the feelings and experience of standing in the place of a Rainforest have stayed with me and encouraged me to learn more about how we can use this work to face environmental issues.”

Jane Reed – Institute of Education University of London

“Having members of the other than human world have a voice and seeing the connectedness of ourselves to the rest of the world through our bodies.”

Mary Jayne Rust – Ecopsychologist

“For an ecologist this is very hard to realize, especially if you are trying to visualize it without being in the field. It’s a different kind of field trip where the subject can speak to you. It’s an aid to empathy and provides situational awareness”

Alan Raynor – Reader Bath University

“My experience of constellations with Zita was powerful and resonant - the feelings and insights it evoked remain vivid years after I experienced the work. Environmental Constellations bring the concepts of systems and interconnectedness to life in a very immediate way.  I believe this approach will be a vital tool in putting Earth Jurisprudence into practice.”

Elizabeth Rivers – Environmental Mediator

“Environmental Constellations is a extraordinarily supple (and subtle) approach, as well-suited to illuminating intimate and personal situations as it is to reveaiing  the dynamics of multi-layered business, legal, diplomatic and cultural  situations.

Kevin Smith ; Director of Legal and Business Affairs