How do Constellations happen?

Environmental Constellations are a wonderfully versatile and creative tool. They allow us to observe our place in nature and our systemic relationship to other living beings. They assist us with new ways of thinking about and finding resolutions to the problems we have created, such as climate change, pollution, alienation and accelerating species extinction etc; They are an aid to empathy and shared understanding in all situations.

Constellations facilitate ‘joined up’ thinking by mapping the environmental system in front of our eyes. They open up creative and imaginative possibilities, accessing the unconscious mind to work with us and for us.

We are all interconnected parts of family, organisation, community and eco-system. The difficulties we struggle with are often best resolved when we work systemically. Constellations (based upon the work of Bert Hellinger) are an innovative way of gaining insight into the systems we are a part of.

A constellation draws on emotional intelligence and intuition as well as logical thought. It provides a way of seeing below the surface to understand what the real issues are and what can actually be done to improve things.

What happens in a constellation?

Constellations are set up under the guidance of a specially trained facilitator and can involve several members of a group.

After describing a deeply felt, ‘burning’ issue that you wish to explore, you will be asked to invite people from the group to stand in a special configuration – called a constellation. This provides a ‘living map’ of the issues you are dealing with.. With guidance from the facilitator, the representatives in your constellation are asked to feed back their experience – often an emotionally moving and creative exchange.

The facilitator tests possibilities by inviting representatives to move positions and make simple statements. Pathways to action are revealed and explored. When an optimum configuration is arrived at, you are invited to step back into the constellation to experience the resolution.

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